IACR 2017 Utrecht: Ensuring Quality and Use of Data from Cancer Registries in the 21st Century

17-19 October 2017

Jaarbeurs Supernova

Utrecht, the Netherlands

The 39th Annual Conference of the International Association of Cancer Registries is hosted in conjunction with the Belgian Cancer Registry and the Netherlands Cancer Registry. The IACR Annual Scientific Meeting has been held regularly since 1970, and annually since 1982. The conference is an ideal forum for exchanging knowledge with other cancer registry professionals from around the world. Hosted on a different continent each year, the IACR annual conference attracts an average of 200 delegates and offers a rich programme on topics related to the impact of cancer (incidence, survival), the evaluation of cancer screening and treatments, the aetiology of different cancers, and many others.

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Key Topics:

  • Cancer surveillance for cancer control
  • The role of cancer registries in prevention and screening programmes
  • The role and integration of cancer registries in clinical outcomes
  • Analysing, presenting and communicating cancer registry data
  • Cancer registries and ‘big data’: the next generation of studies

This year's Keynote Speakers are the following:

  • Prof Jack Siemiatycki, University of Montreal, Clemmesen Lecturer
  • Prof. Karin Haustermans, UH Leuven
  • Prof. Johan Mackenbach, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
  • Dr. Kevin Ward, Georgia Center for Cancer Statistics, Emory University
  • Dr. Isabelle Soerjomataram, International Agency for Research on Cancer

Two (2) Pre-Conference Workshops on 16 October:

  • Staging and Essential TNM
  • Cancer Predictions

An ENCR-JRC Symposium and ENCR General Assembly on 19 October:

A side event to the IACR Annual Scientific Conference key topics will include the new ENCR Steering Committee (following the elections in September), the overview of the ENCR-JRC project “Incidence and Mortality in Europe” and the launch of the new European Cancer Information System (ECIS) website. A draft agenda for the meeting is available in the ENCR website. Participation to the event is free of charge for registered IACR attendees.